GTI Giochi Tecnologici Italiani

We have been bringing innovation to the casino Industry for 10 years.

We make casinos more efficient. All information is available in one framework in real time.

GTI has been bringing innovation to the casino Industry since more than 10 years through established multi-disciplined expertise in manufacturing, software development and sales with a focus upon real time key information systems designed to make gaming operations more efficient.

We are a Digital Transformation Company for casinos.
Since 2010 we have been developing specific solutions and products for the Casino Industry. We offer an integrated and comprehensive approach that allows our customers to capitalize on existing resources and improve the efficiency and functionality of each stage of the work.

ACIMS, our Information Management System is the Core of our proposition. ACIMS achieves maximum efficiency in combination with secure RFID embedded chips specially designed and manufactured by us for use with gaming tables, cash desks, chip cages.

Our cloud-based infrastructure provides managers with real time operational data for remote dashboard management that is scalable for both desktop and mobile working environments.

Our expert knowledge

GTI have assembled a team of experts familiar with all the processes and procedures involved in gaming operations. We are expert in the integration with CRM and ERP systems, in data analysis (Big Data), in the gaming processes and protection procedures, and anti-counterfeiting technology.

We also understand the importance of listening and learning from customers, which is why we know how to provide the right answers and the best solutions.

ECA - European Casino Association

GTI – Giochi tecnologici italiani is a member of ECA – European Casino Association.

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Case History


Olympic Entertainment Group

Olympic Entertainment Group is the main leisure and gaming service provider in the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) with combined casino and slot operations employing 2,852 employees in 6 countries.


Casino 4.0: Giochi del Titano

Giochi del Titano’s unique operational approach to gaming is designed to meet with strict regulatory requirements State Board of Games of San Marino, the governing authority for casinos.


Requests for CIMS and RFID implementation

Since 2014 we have been supporting casinos in the digitization process and for the introduction of RFID systems to improve their management. We listen to their needs and provide project solutions.

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