Olympic Entertainment Group

Olympic Entertainment Group is the main leisure and gaming service provider in the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) with combined casino and slot operations employing 2,852 employees in 6 countries.
After a detailed review process, OEG selected the extended ACIMS solution with RFID chips for the optimization and management of its 9 casino units located in the Baltics.
The customer required a management system capable of multi-site deployment with consolidated central reporting to the head office team.

Delivery Scope

  • Speed up the accounting operations at the tables
  • Reduce the human errors related to the accounting of the chips
  • Real-time information on chips and chips availability
  • Reduction of management costs
  • Increase security levels related to counterfeiting

The approach

GTI experts undertook site-specific analysis of the operational needs in collaboration with the customer to identify optimal deployment for each operation and the central communication structure between satellites and the senior management team.

GTI successfully implemented the ACIMS solution at the Olympic head office to serve all the group’s casinos in the geographical area through a secured VPN network.

Thanks to our software, each casino has a real-time accounting of all the gaming tables. Since all casinos are in a geographical network, the system allows you to have an aggregate view of all the locations in a single dashboard.


  • Inventory speed – real time accounting
  • Reduction of errors – measurable cost gain
  • Anti-counterfeiting – measurable cost gain
  • Real-time dashboard management – measurable cost saving
  • Real time data analysis – improved decision making
  • Integration with customer CMS – improved management information
  • Time saving and cost optimization – measurable cost gain


ACIMS (Casino Information Management System)


RFID Chips e RFID Reading Points