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Casino 4.0 – It’s Time to Move.

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GTI Gaming and Vixiontech, a powerful Joint venture for an Unprecedented Gaming Revolution Powering the Next Generation of Gaming!

Data Automation for Live Table Games.

GTI – Giochi Tecnologici Italiani offers a powerful real time audit tool capable of transforming the live game environment through data driven streamlining of your game management and protection costs.

The GTI Casino CIMS solution delivers high security and performance combined with discreet design and cutting-edge technology that is scalable by design and tailor-made to every casino configuration.

With secure RFID currency at its heart, this scalable system is the new generation in 360° real time management of gaming floor activity.

Designed for the mobile working environment, Casino CIMS offers user-friendly dashboards and visual confirmation of all gaming processes and data, by table, zone, player and staff.


A winning combination

GTI offer the latest embedded wireless technologies working in collaboration with leading hi-tech providers and gaming manufacturers to bring 360° seamless control to your existing gaming procedures and processes.

Our install base spans 10 years of proven success with land based operators throughout Europe that are using our ACIMS system. Headquartered in Italy, GTI have an established network of partners worldwide to provide local customer sales and service support.

GTI Casino CIMS advantages

Proven Return on Investment through

Y1 ROI positive

GTI Casino CIMS system will be fully repaid the first year:

  • Elimination of chip and cash handling error (up to 1% of turnover)
  • 30% reduction in cost of supervising games
  • 360° security eliminates theft and counterfeit opportunity
  • Accurate game outcome and event validation
  • Real time reporting allows effective and proactive decisions
  • Deferred Payment Plan options

All the CIMS Package (chips, hardware, software) is available in payment by installments until 5 year.

This means: start earn money from day one!

A Multidisciplinary Team
for a next generation
Casino Management System

GTI has a Multidisciplinary Team composed by People with proven decades of experience in IT/ICT sector and AutoId/RFid solution provider. The company has a specific business unit for the production of casino chip with  30 years experience in the production of plastic and composite materials. The team is completed by people coming from the casino industry with a long management experience in different countries and Casino Groups.

Production of casino chip and partnership

GTI – Giochi tecnologici italiani has a specific business unit for the production of casino chip with 30 years’ experience in the production of plastic and composite materials. Our Electronic Hardware partners and Casino equipment producer are partof the team.”

GTI and CIMS numbers

More than


RFID Casino chip delivered

More than


RFID sensors installed

More than


daily transactions
managed by CIMS

More than


transaction managed by CIMS
in the last 5 Years

Casino CIMS System

The primary goal of our CIMS system is to manage all casino chip counts and procedures automatically in real time. We achieve this by embedding specially formulated tags into our casino chips that allow wireless communication with a series of devices capable of reading and tracking real time motion activity.
The CIMS system can be easily implemented in any casino environment and allows for immediate detection and control of any unauthorised or improper activity.
First implementation is provided with full user training supported by qualified staff and backed by ongoing after sales service and customer care.

Easy to use, intuitive and multi-device, it is the most powerful and advanced software available on the market today for casino and casino currency management.

Our custom made and personalized casino chips are constructed of high-grade materials in industry standard dimensions and weights. Each piece has a unique coded RFID tag that communicates in real time with the system. Multiple scanning of chips ensures that our validation process produces an accuracy rate of 99.9%
The Chips provide the highest available security built around RFID tag technology approved to SOC2 that meets with NFC (Near Field Communication) and AICPA Trust Services Criteria relevant to secure availability and anti-counterfeit standards.

Our purpose-built table furniture combines traditional presentation with a fully integrated RFID infrastructure and a touch screen from which all operations can be managed in an easy, fast and error-free way. The speed of the procedures with our technology allows a time saving of up to 70% in comparison to manual-driven methods currently in use and reduces supervision costs by up to 30%.

Our hardware technology is constructed of high quality, durable materials designed to integrate with a wide range of standard casino equipment including table chip trays, cage chip counters and chip storage cabinets, for a real-time inventory and tracking.

Remote reading stations are designed for mounting under-table in player positions and currency exchange points to provide player tracking and full audit verification of chip movements between the players and the dealer.

Data-powered performance

Data is the supreme management tool of todays’ operational environment. Data allow you to customize services and tailor your loyalty products to each individual player, it highlights critical issues and empowers timely resolutions that might otherwise cost your operation unnecessary time and money. The GTI CIMS System enables casinos to have game data in real time that is analyzed according to precise business criteria and made instantly usable by precise and timely reporting.

Case History


Olympic Entertainment Group

Olympic Entertainment Group is the main leisure and gaming service provider in the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) with combined casino and slot operations employing 2,852 employees in 6 countries.


Casino 4.0: Giochi del Titano

Giochi del Titano’s unique operational approach to gaming is designed to meet with strict regulatory requirements State Board of Games of San Marino, the governing authority for casinos.


Requests for CIMS and RFID implementation

Since 2014 we have been supporting casinos in the digitization process and for the introduction of RFID systems to improve their management. We listen to their needs and provide project solutions.