Project Description

Casino 4.0: Giochi del Titano

Giochi del Titano’s unique operational approach to gaming is designed to meet with strict regulatory requirements State Board of Games of San Marino, the governing authority for casinos.

The planning and implementation phase required GTI to work in close collaboration with the client Project Team to identify the unique operational needs to ensure seamless optimization with both regulatory guidelines, procedures and auditing outputs.

Operational requirements

  • Manage and control all cash transactions through the Cash Desk
  • Streamlining of operations by removing the need for cash exchanges at gaming tables.
  • Support dynamic control of surveillance systems through ‘live exchange’ of tracking data
  • Deliver cost gains through operational efficiencies and enhanced security.
  • Instant access to all live gaming activity data through mobile working environments.


GTI undertook an indepth analysis and assessment phase in close collaboration with the client to identify the operation-specific needs and essential data outputs capable of providing the client management team with key control and decision making.

The design stage allowed the opportunity for us to built-in added value during project initiation and design an information architecture that corresponded perfectly with the organizational model. The result was a purpose-built software solution with the capability to exceed client specified needs over the longer term.

The bespoke management audit solution was supported by our proven custom-manufactured RFID casino currency featuring unique design and security.

Hardware installation was carried out by our specialist installation team adapting existing tables for use with RFID detection units and integrated touch screens to manage all operations seamlessly.

Key training was provided to employees and a monitoring team was deployed to site to ensure the system bedded in smoothly and operational routines were established.


  • Inventory speed
  • Reduction of errors
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Dashboard for data Analysis
  • Integration with customer CRM
  • Time saving and cost optimization
  • Changes on casino design and layouts


CIMS (Casino Information Management System)


  • RFID Chips
  • RFID Reading Points
  • Antenne RFID